choreography by Beatrice Panero

performers: Sasha Samion ,Hsiao Ting Liao, Lennart Huysentruyt, David Lukas Hemm, Beatrice Panero.

14 min c.a.

Created in occasion of the dance production OPEN WINDOWS IV 2016 at Theater Osnabrueck, Germany.

“" I feel so much,

but what I can give back is so little.
But there are still so many more questions -
they are my feet and my hands, and they are all what I can give back to you.
Deceived, infected, but not infected -
And never lost in the woods.”"


Theater Osnabrueck in 2016, Germany.

DanceFest Skopje 2017, Macedonia.

Photo: U. Lewandowski


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created by Beatrice Panero