Die 5 aus Bremen


choreography by Beatrice Panero
performers:Robert Phillips, Amadeus Marek Pawlika, Noemi Martone, Lennart Huysentruyt, David Lukas Hemm, Keith Chin

10 min c.a.

Created in occasion of the Dance Production OPEN WINDOWS III with Dance Company Theater Osnabrueck, Germany.
"Die 5 aus Bremen" is my interpretation of the original story of "The Bremen Town Musicians". With it I want to bring on stage six dancers, five man and one magic woman going through an artistic adventure in Morocco.

Physicality, musicality, irony and pure dance in the space are the bases of my piece.



Theater Osnabrueck in 2015, Germany.

FRESH Dance Festival 2015 in Braunschweig, Germany.


critic: http://www.noz.de/lokales/osnabrueck/artikel/569044/choreografien-der-osnabrucker-dance-company#gallery&0&0&569044
















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created by Beatrice Panero