" Don't stop fighting for your  dreams...  Let them come true."




Currently working as professional dancer at Tanzcompanie Konzert Theater Bern, Switzerland and guest choreographer at Theater Ulm. 


Choreographer and dance teacher:

In the past years I participated as choreographer at many different  dance Festivals like "Fresh 2015 Dance Festival Braunschweig" in Germany and "DansFest Skopje 2017" in Macedonia.  In 2015 I won the 3rd Prize for the best choreography at the Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart. 

In June 2018 I was invited to take part at the first edition of the "Solo Dance Festival Turkey" in Ankara with the solo choreography stopNOstop danced by Chiara Rontini. In occasion of the festival I also give dance modern / choreographic laboratory workshops.

I am one of the eighteen selected choreographer to take part at the renowned International Choreographic Competition Ballet Gesellschaft Hannover 2018.

I am one of the selected choreographer to be part of the dance evening "Lange Nacht der kurzen  Stück" - Tanz Karlsruhe at Kulturzentrum Tempel in Karlsruhe, Germany (November 2018).

Currently guest choreographer at Theater Ulm in Germany with the production Faces of love.







Dance Company Theater Trier
2018 - 2019
I work as a professional dancer at Theater Trier in Germany and dance choreographies by Roberto Scafati. I am a soloist in the dance production Zorbas dancing in the role of Madame Hortense. 
Dance Company Theater Ulm
2016 - 2018

I dance choreographies by Roberto Scafati and Gustavo Ramirez Sansano. I am a soloist in the role of the snake in the opera production "Lulu" directed by the opera director Matthias Keiser and as Carabosse in "Sleeping Beauty" directed by the ballet director Roberto Scafati. I play as actress the role of Lodetti in the theater production "Die Lächerliche Finsternis" written by Wolfram Lotz and directed by the Intendant Andreas von Studnitz. I choreographed myself choreographies for the company in occasion of the dance production "Junge Choreographen". 

During last season 2016-2017 I also work as guest choreographer presenting the full length dance performance "Pagliacci-life should be Opera". In 2018 I choreographed at Theater Ulm "Charl/ie-ot"

Tanz Theater Osnabrueck
2014 - 2016
I danced  choreographies by Marko Goecke, Stephan Thoss and Rafaele Giovanola. I choreographed myself choreographies for the company in occasion of the dance production Open Windows III & IV, like " Die fünf aus Bremen" and " DAS ROTE".
My choreography "Die fünf aus Bremen" was selected to perform at the Dance Festival FRESH in Brauschweig under the srtistic direction of Jan Pusch. I lead together with Amadeus Pawlica the JUGENDCLUBTANZ of the Theather Osnabrueck, choreographing a piece for them, "  Märchen 1.1".
Wee Dance Company-Theater Goerlitz-Zittau
 2012 - 2014

For two years I was working with Gerhart Hauptmann Theater-Gorlitz, Germany. I danced choreographies by Dan Pelleg, Marko E. Weigert and Wagner Moreira: “There is Time”, “Butterfly Defeckt”, “Alpha 1”, “Romeo and Juliet” and “Bach Bacena”.

I participated with the company in the February 2014 at the Dance Festival in Israel called "CHOREOGRAPHERS" with the choreography "Butterfly Defect" dancing in  Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Megiddo and others cities. I choreographed "Es war Niemals", dance piece, for the dance production "Kurzstrecke" Wee Dance Company Gerhart Hauptmaan Theater Goerlitz-Zittau.

Noord Nederlandse Dans



​I start to work with Noord Nederlandse Dans /Studio Group in Groningen, Holland. I dance choreographies by Stephen Shropshire, Andrea Miller and Martin Harriague. I was chosen by Itzik Galili for his new  dance piece named “Cage song” created for the Winter Gala 2011 in Groningen. I participate at CHUTZPAH!FESTIVAL -15 t\m18 February 2012,Vancuver Canada.



Balletto Teatro di Torino

​ 2009


I join the company Balletto Teatro di Torino as an apprentice, choreographer Matteo Levaggi and artistic director Loredana Furno. Teachers and collaborators  Pompea Santoro and Veli Pekka Peltokailo.



Junior Balletto di Toscana



I join the Junior Dance Company  BallettO di ToscanA in Florence under the direction of Cristina Bozzolini. I dance choreographies by Fabrizio Monteverde, Michele Merola, Eugenio Scigliano, Eugenio Buratti, Alessandro Bigonzetti.

Codarts Rotterdam Dance Accademy
2010 \ 2012


​April 2010 I get to the 3rd year of studies in Certificate Program,  Bachelor of Dance at Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Accademy and I graduate in June 2012. I perform in Biennale di Venezia, Talent on the Move, Holland Dance Festival with choreographies by Itzik Galili, Mauro Bigonzetti, Guy & Roni, Nacho Duato, Reginavan Berkel.



Scuola Balletto di Toscana



​In October 2008 I get a scholarship for one year of studies at the School of Balletto di Toscana, Florence.


Scuola T.Farco and M.Morra

At the age of seven years old I start my dance education in Torino at Farco&Morra Dance school in which I study ballet, contemporary, modern and Hip Hop dance.




Workshops and  Dance Prizes

During my dance education I participated in several workshops with many international and national dance teachers and choreographers, like Yohan Inger, Corinne Lanselle and Mauro Bigonzetti.

I got a scholarship to Laban Summer Course in London.

I passed the audition for the Dance Course for professional dancers with Ater Balletto.

I participated to the Gaga Summer Course 2014 in Tel Aviv.


I won several prizes. One of the biggest in Spoleto International dance competition 1st Prize, and American Grand Prix, Special Prize for the Outstanding contemporary performance..

I' ve been invited to partecipate at the Dance Gala " Premio Positano Leonide Massine" by Alberto Testa.   

 3rd Prize for best choreography at the Solo Tanz - Festival - Stuttgart March 2015 with the piece "TZID".










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